1. Do I need to sign up as a member before I can register for conference?

No, you can enter the website as a guest, and sign up for conference as a non-member and attend at the non-member rate.

2. Can I attend Conference at the member rate if I someone in my organization is already a paying member?

Yes, existing members should login to the PRIMA Website.  First, enter your contact information.  Next, Under the Tickets & Products tab, in the Available Tickets box, click 1 > ADD for Conference Registration: Chapter Member (including affiliates, unless a sponsor (see below FAQ #4)).  In the Available Products, click 1>ADD for Annual Membership Dues:  2015-16 Additional Member ($0.00/each).  Note:  if you are the Affiliate or Government voting member representing your organization, you can also pay your membership dues here.

3. What if I am not a member yet?

Click the “Join” tab.  Click on "Member Application" from the left navigation bar.  Fill in the information, and for membership category, check “additional” member.  If you will be the member representing your organization (i.e. and paying membership dues), click Government Member (voting) or Affiliate member.

4. My organization has sponsored a conference, how do we go about redeeming our free registration(s)?

To redeem your free registration, please send a list of your attendees along with their email addresses, whether they will be attending the dinner banquet (and if they have any food allergies) to [email protected].  Attendees will receive a confirmation email.  For more information on sponsorship levels, please click here.

5. How do I sign up more than one person from my organization

Each person needs to go in and sign up as an additional member under your organization so they can each set up their own password and show up as members.  Once all members have signed up, the voting member can register for the conference and add additional attendees until you get everyone on one “ticket” for the conference.  The Chapter Member and the person doing the registering will automatically populate under added tickets on the right.  After this, you can select add again and an add ticket window will pop up.  Under member name, select the drop down option.  Start typing the next person’s name and it will take you right to their name, choose whether they’re attending dinner, press on add and they will be added to the voting member's ticket.  Repeat this process until all the addional members are added that will be attending the conference.