Driving Policies

City of Tigard is in the process of reviewing and updating their driving policies both for new hires and existing employees.  Do other entities have a written policy including driving record expectations?  If so, does that same policy apply to law enforcement as to the rest of the employees at the entity?  If you could share your policies that would be wonderful.  

Thank you!

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  1. Bryan Aalberg

    May. 19, 2017

    At Washington County we have a written driving policy and a "matrix" we work off of that determines whether someone has an acceptable record. I will send you both over email Jennifer. Note that we are trying to simplify the matrix and include language in the policy that allows to do disqualify a person from driving on County business based on a "pattern of behaviour" as we have found over the years that the static matrix style determination does not tell the whole story of whether an employee is actually a good driver or not.

  2. Rob Gabris

    May. 18, 2017

    Jennifer, we have a matrix we use at PCC that takes into account collisions and moving violations. If you send me an email directly I can share it with you.


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