History of Oregon PRIMA

Originally known as the “Oregon Territory Chapter of PRIMA,” the chapter was organized in the summer of 1985 by the risk managers of Clackamas County, the City of Portland, the City of Springfield, Lane County, and Salem School District with the goal of promoting effective risk management as an essential component of public administration.

The Oregon Chapter Public Risk Management Association (OR-PRIMA), as it is now known, is officially chartered by the national Public Risk Management Association.  An elected board of directors who are all employed in the field of risk management for Oregon public entities sets chapter policy and manages all chapter activities and finances.

While our mission has remained constant from the beginning, the Chapter has evolved in many ways to better serve its members.  OR-PRIMA is the only state association dedicated solely to the practice of risk management in the public sector, providing a one-stop local resource for educational programming, risk resources and networking opportunities to chapter members who coordinate risk management, purchase insurance, manage human resources, administer safety programs, manage labor issues, and much more.


Minutes and Financial Reports

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You may review OR-PRIMA's Bylaws here.