Required Course Units
Claims Managment 1
Contracts 2
Elected Officials 1
Elective Course 1
Emergency Management 3
Federal Law 1
Finance 1
Human Resources 3
Liability Insurance 2
Oregon Tort Claims Act 1
Project Risk Management 1
Property Insurance 2
Public Exposures 3
Public Safety 1
Risk Management 3
Risk Management Administration 1
Safety 6
Safety Committees 3
Special Events Risk 1
Volunteer Risk 1
Workers' Compensation 2
Total 40



Risk Management Certification Program


Risk Management Units

The Risk Management Certification requires 40 units of risk management training.  Units are generally classes or conferences.  Classes are available from the OR‑PRIMA Conference, the CIS Annual Conference, the CIS Learning Center (for CIS members) GOSH Conference, SDAO/PACE, or any training approved by your mentor.  A class might be longer than a unit.  Courses must be in the topics as listed on the chart below.  Courses taken by the student before registering with the Risk Management Certification are not eligible to complete this requirement.

Student Documentation

The mentor will maintain a record of units the student has successfully completed.  For each unit, the student will prepare a short document for the mentor with the following:

  • Summary of the course.
  • How the course material might be applied in the student’s work.


Student Project

The student must complete a significant risk management project for his or her workplace.  The project must be approved by the mentor.  The project will use the risk management training received by the student.

Sample projects might include:

  • Implementing an ERM program.
  • Writing a risk management policy and manual.
  • Developing an organizational safety program.
  • Implementing a fleet program.
  • Implementing a volunteer risk management program.


Mentor Expectations

Each student will be assigned a mentor.  A mentor approves the units and encourages the student to complete the approved courses.  The mentor is an experienced public risk manager that provides counsel and guidance with the goal of a long‑term relationship for the student to have a resource for risk management questions and issues.

A mentor has the following duties:

  • Meet with the student to explain the expectations for certification.
  • Approve units that meet the course requirements.
  • Receive and approve the written summaries of the units completed by the student.
  • Keep a record of completed units.
  • Be a resource for the student as risk management issues arise.
  • Pre-approve the student’s risk management project.
  • Review and approve the final risk management project.
  • Attend annual OR-PRIMA conferences.
  • Acknowledge the student at OR-PRIMA upon graduation.


If you would like to submit an application to participate in this program please complete the Risk Management Certification Application and submit to the contact at the bottom of the form.